On the day of the admission you should have:

  1. A valid identity document
  2. The original of the referral if it was not delivered on the day of the registration
  3. A complete set of ordered laboratory tests and specialized tests necessary for the execution of certain procedures:
    • for the FESS endoscopic sinus procedure - the result of the computer tomography
    • for the treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome - the result of the EMG conduction
    • for the gynecological placement of bands - the result of the urodynamic exam
    • for the tympanostomy treatment - hearing tests - tympanometry and audiometry
  4. A list of currently used drugs
  5. Pajamas, slippers and daily personal hygiene items


  • The patient cannot eat for 6h before the surgery and I can't take any liquids for 4 hours before the surgery
  • For at least one week prior to surgery, the patient should not take drugs containing aspirin in their composition
  • The surgery should not be performed during menstruation, illness or herpes
  • It is the patient's duty to inform the anesthesiologist- or if this is not possible - the front desk registration worker, about treatment in other specialist clinics
  • After the surgery the patient must follow the doctor's instructions, an accompanying person is required upon discharge
  • Ladies should report for the procedure without makeup and without painted nails
  • The patient should take a bath in particular taking into account the place of the the procedure
  • before surgery to remove hemorrhoids, enemas must be performed in the evening of the previous day and in the morning on the day of the planned surgery, a 2-day jelly diet is also recommended.


Due to the safety and health of the patients staying at the ward the Patient should only be accompanied by one person.

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