Dentistry is the main domain of ​​our clinic. In a family dental office opened many years ago, we take care of the healthy smile of patients of all ages. We offer you the full scope of services, ranging from preventive dentistry in the youngest patients, through the treatment of dental caries, surgery and prosthetic supplementation of missing teeth in older patients. We offer our patients comfortable prosthetic solutions with the use of dental implants that we have been successful using for 20 years. Currently, in two new dental offices we are using the most advanced therapeutic methods, proven and backed by years of experience. In planning a treatment and diagnosing our patients we use the help of modern equipment such as a computer tomograph, a dental X-ray machine and a panoramic tomography X-ray apparatus, which are located on site. Keeping in mind that your dental health is the health of the whole organism we invite you to benefit from our services.



  • dr n. med. Liliana Winiarska
  • dr n. med. Piotr Winiarski
  • lek. dent. Marcin Winiarski
  • lek dent. Anna Winiarska



Type of servicesPrice
Dental Consultations 150,00 zł
Dental Filling 100 – 150,00 zł
Filling a milk tooth 80,00 zł
Filling a root canal/td> 100,00 zł
Filling a root canal of a multi-rooted tooth 150,00 zł
Composite veneer 300,00 zł
Devitalization of a tooth 100,00 zł
Dressing 50,00 zł
Dressing in an endodontic treatment 100,00 zł
Reconstruction of a tooth crown 300,00 zł
Reconstruction of a tooth crown on a pulp pins / each pin 300,00 zł + 60,00 zł/ each pin
Reconstruction of a tooth crown on fiberglass 450,00 zł
Teeth splinting using a fiberglass ribbon 120,00 zł/ each tooth
Removal of tartar and plaque 200,00 zł
Teeth Sandblasting 200,00 zł
Fluoridation of teeth 60 zł - jaw, 60zł - mandible
Teeth Sealing 50,00 zł
Local anesthesia 20 – 40,00 zł
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth 150,00zł
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth 200,00 zł
Lower wisdom tooth extraction 600 - 800,00 zł
Upper wisdom tooth extraction 300 - 400,00 zł
Milk tooth extraction 80,00 zł
Surgical extraction 180 – 200,00zł
Apicectomy 600,00 zł
Removal of the gingival pocket of the eights 150,00 zł
Whitening individual dead teeth 100,00 zł / each visit
In-office bleaching 50,00 zł/ per teeth
Whitening using the tray method 500,00 zł + price of gel
Acrylic prosthesis Total 700zł | Above 7 teeth 700zł | From 4 to 7 teeth 600zł | rom 1 to 3 teeth 500zł
Nylon denture 1500,00 zł
Skeletal denture 1700,00 zł
Relining of the prosthesis 200,00 zł
Porcelain veneer 1200,00 zł
Composite Inlay / onlay 500,00 zł
Porcelain bridge 700,00 zł/ each point
Zirconium bridge 1500,00 zł/ each point
Adhesive Maryland bridge (porcelain + metal) 250,00 zł/ each point
Temporary crown 80,00 zł
Ceramic crown 700,00 zł
Full ceramic crown 800,00 zł
Crown on Zirconium 1 500,00 zł
Poured root inlay 300,00 zł
Removal of the bridge from the point 50,00 zł
Repair of the prosthesis 60,00 zł
Adjusting of the brace / tooth to the prosthesis 70,00 zł
Bite splint 600,00 zł
Clear aligner 1 stage of the treatment (3 splints) 650,00 zł
Clear aligner final set-up of the treatment 300,00 zł


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The Wident clinic is one of the most modern health care centers, with very experienced medical staff. We have medical equipment meeting the highest European standards.



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