We encourage you to replace your missing teeth with dental implants. The skills of MD Piotr Winiarski have been confirmed with the Certificate of Skills in Dental Implantology awarded by the Polish National Association of Dental Implantology. Over 20 years of continuous acquiring of knowledge, application of the latest solutions and the use of the most modern techniques, provides a sense of security and comfort for the patient. When planning an implantological treatment we use the latest diagnostic methods, such as digital panoramic tomography and computer tomography. The satisfactory effects of the treatment can be attested to by a number of patients who have received dental implants in our clinic over the last 20 years. We encourage our future patients to read the example offer and invite you to set up an individual treatment plan.

Reconstruction of the lack of a single tooth on an implant

Dental implants assume the functions of the natural root of the tooth and transfer the forces of the wear on the bone, resulting in inhibited bone loss. It is worth noting, however, that this is not the only benefit resulting from the use of implants. When deciding on the treatment we can be sure that the final crown will be confusingly similar to the rest of the teeth, especially in the aesthetic zone.

As a result, the implant, the crown and the gum will form a harmonious whole. Dental implants replace the root of the tooth and serve as a support for the future prosthetic reconstruction.

Grinding the adjacent teeth is not necessary, thus retaining the healthy tooth structure.

Reconstruction of larger gaps in dentition

Filling a few missing teeth is supported not only by aesthetic or medical considerations, but also the fact that in the absence of any load the bone shows a tendency to gradual decay. The amount of implants implanted in such a situation depends on the prosthetic needs and bone conditions of the patient. The great advantage of bridges placed on implants is the fact that the adjacent healthy teeth do not have to provide any support for them.

The use of bridges supported on implants is highly recommended especially from an aesthetic point of view. In this solution the boundary between the bottom edge of new teeth and the gum line becomes practically invisible.

A lower total prosthesis stabilized on implants through snaps

Dental Implantology presents a number of solutions in the form of removable dentures and fixed restorations, in order to rebuild a completely toothless mandibular or jaw bone.


Use of both solutions is supported by the following arguments:

  • prosthesis anchored on implants provide a stable mounting in any situation,
  • the chewing force is transmitted to the bone. This prevents its atrophy and as a result provides an excellent fitting of the prosthesis for a long period of time,
  • the prosthesis mounted on implants reduces the perception of pain,
  • there is no need for covering the palate with acrylic mass. This allows for the reception of different taste sensations and taking pleasure in eating.
  • The most effective solution in the case of total edentulism is mounting the teeth assembly directly on the implants.

Removable dentures can be mounted in many ways.

One of them is the use of magnetic latches. Ask your doctor which of the available methods is best suited to your needs.

Stabilized total prosthesis (beam)

Full denture stabilized with a beam.

  • maximum stability of the prosthesis
  • relieving the mucous membrane



  • limiting the size of the prosthesis



  • restoration of the proper chewing function
  • psychological comfort of the user



Type of servicesPrice
Placement of an Implant of the Implant DIRECT ® System 2 500,00 zł
The supragingival part of the implant + porcelain crown on metal 1 500,00 zł
The supragingival part of the implant + porcelain crown on zirconium 2 000,00 zł
Stabilization of the total prosthesis on a minimum of 2 implants 5 000,00 zł +1800zł (2 latches) (+ price of the denture)
3-point bridge based on two implants 5000zł + price of 3 crowns

See also: www.implanty-bydgoszcz.eu

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