Clear Aligner is an innovative method of orthodontic treatment by means of transparent splints which straighten the teeth, while replacing the fixed and removable braces. These splints are aesthetic, painless and biocompatible, which ensures high comfort of use. They are created through the method of thermoforming on the devices of the SCHEU DENTAL company, with the use of new technology and digital analysis.

The Clear Aligner method is a non-invasive orthodontic treatment designed especially for people who value aesthetics. With the CA splints you can talk and laugh freely. The main advantages of the CA splints is the high comfort, perfect hygiene and treatment time reduced to a minimum.

Smile broadly while straightening your teeth During the orthodontic treatment the patient can talk and smile broadly.


Advantages for the patients:

  • Invisibility - the splints are minimally visible
  • Comfort - wearing clear aligners is trouble free and painless and it is possible without the use of wires and metal
  • Guarantee of keeping hygiene - the splints can be removed during washing and eating
  • Effectiveness - the method is clinically proven and effective
  • Price - (compared with Invisalign the price of Clear Aligner is more affordable)
  • Treatment time - reduced to a minimum


How the treatment looks like:

  • Consultation visit with your doctor - please contact us, make an appointment and find out if your defect can be treated with Clear Aligner
  • Diagnosis - Your doctor checks the conditions and together with dental a technician they plan your treatment
  • Taking primary impressions
  • Production of the first phase of splints
  • Treatment
  • Retention after reaching the final results of treatment - the patient wears retention splints as stabilizers of the effects of the treatment


The Clear Aligner system can be described in the following way:

  • It is a method of correcting occlusion defects by means of transparent splints, individually tailored to the patient's teeth, taking into account their respective shift.

  • The patient receives from a physician a set of three splints of varying thickness (0.5 - soft; 0,625 - medium, 0.75 - hard), wears every splint for seven days and after three weeks, reports back to the doctor for a control and taking a new impression and then receives another set of splints.

  • The Clear Aligner splints are made in licensed offices and workshops based on the results of the measurement of the shift of the teeth and their digital analysis.

  • The course of the treatment is monitored by the physician once every 3-4 weeks and can be corrected during each visit.

  • The effectiveness of the treatment depends mainly on the intensity of use of the splints by the patient.

  • The treatment is painless, non-invasive and well-tolerated by patients.

  • The splints in most cases replace the fixed and removable braces, they can treat many orthodontic defects such as tooth crowding, cross bite, diastema, deep bite.

  • The treatment may be used in patients who for aesthetic reasons have not decided on fixed braces.

  • The treatment must be concluded with the stabilization of the shifter position of the teeth. The retention period generally lasts twice as long as the duration of the active orthodontic treatment.


In the opinion of the patients this treatment of occlusion defects has the following advantages:

  • The splints are transparent and are thus only minimally visible in the patient's mouth

  • They are made from biocompatible materials which do not cause allergy while wearing

  • They do not adversely affect the quality of speaking and allow for smiling

  • They provide great comfort during wearing as they are smooth and have no protruding metal elements

  • They are quick and easy to remove and to put on again for example during eating, drinking warm and coloring drinks and cleaning

  • Are easy to keep clean

  • They effectively correct the occlusion defects in a short period of time and are affordable in comparison to other methods of treatment


In order for the correction of the defect to be finished with complete success, we suggest following this procedure:


Consultation with the patient

During its course it should be assessed whether the treatment using the Clear Aligner splints can be effective, the course of treatment should be presented to the patient and, if possible, the expected duration of the treatment and its cost should be assessed.

Taking an Impression

To make the splints an impression of the mandible and the jaw is required. On the basis of the first impression the final set-up of the dental arches is performed, followed by a digital analysis using a special computer program and the simulation of the results of the treatment. This allows for the accurate calculation of the number of steps needed to eliminate the occlusion defects, specify the duration of the treatment and to estimate the cost of the treatment.

Execution of the splints

They should be made by a doctor's office or an orthodontic workshop, trained in this regard by the Scheu Dental company, which has a license for the Clear Aligner system and a device for thermoforming, guaranteeing the working pressure of at least 3 bar.


The patient visits should take place every 3-4 weeks. During the second visit, the patient receives a set of splints. He wears each splint wears successively for a period of one week. During the next visit impressions are taken, in order to make another set of splints and a control of the progress of the treatment is carried out. If during one of the visits, it turns out, that a better matching or activation of the splints is required, it can be done using special forceps, thanks to which retention points can be made.

Stabilization of the teeth in the new position

The retention period depends on the number of shifted teeth, the teeth type and depending on whether there was a change in occlusion. Basically it takes twice as long as the period of the active treatment. An advantage of the retainers offered by us is that they are very well tolerated by patients, are invisible and di not interfere with speaking.

  • The splints should be worn 20 hours a day, removed only to eat and drink (hot, coloring drinks)

  • First week: splint with a thickness of 0.5 mm

  • Second week: splint with a thickness of 0.625 mm

  • Third week: splint with a thickness of 0.75 mm

  • Cleaning: we clean the splints with the Cetron powder

Type of servicesPrice
Final Set up - 1 arch 350,00 zł
Each stage of treatment - 1 arch 650,00 zł


The number of stages of the treatment depends on the individual occlusion defects of the patient

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