As part of Maxillo-facial Surgery, in our Clinic we perform procedures such as, among others: disarticulation of cysts, treatment of facial bone fractures or the surgical preparation for prosthetic treatment. All treatments are performed by experienced physicians, using modern equipment, which makes the postoperative recuperation less painful for the patient.



  • dr n. med. Piotr Winiarski
  • dr n. med. Juliusz Grodzki


Type of servicesPrice
Consultation 150,00 zł
Lifting of the maxillary sinus bottom 3 500,00 – 4 500,00 zł
Surgery of the jaw cyst 3 500,00 zł
Surgery of the the mandible cysts 3 500,00 zł
Apicectomy 600,00 zł
Surgery of the maxillary sinuses using the Caldwell-Luca method 4 000,00 zł
Setting of the zygomatic bone closed 3 500,00 zł
Setting of the the zygomatic bone open 6 500,00 zł
Setting the fracture of the jaw closed 3 500,00 zł
Setting the fracture of the jaw open 6 500,00 zł
Setting the fracture of the mandible closed 2 500,00 zł
Setting the fracture of the mandible open 6 500,00 zł
Biopsy of facial bone 800,00 zł
Excision of facial bone sequestrum 4 500,00 zł
Prosthetic overgrowth surgery 800,00 – 2000,00 zł
Prosthetic overgrowth Surgery with the use of laser 2 500,00 zł
incision of an abscess 100,00 – 500,00 zł
EXCISION OF HYPERTROPHIC CHANGES OF THE ORAL MUCOSA (+ histopatological examination) Od 800,00 zł

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The Wident clinic is one of the most modern health care centers, with very experienced medical staff. We have medical equipment meeting the highest European standards.



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